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Australia really is a lucky country. We don't have wars, famine or civil unrest. The weather is pleasant (most of the time) and there is plenty of space. No wonder so many people want to live here! I help people who have come from less calm places gain residency in Australia so they don't have to put themselves or their families at risk. Sometimes it's tricky to make the cases work, but at least we have defined processes and legal channels we can work through. It's just another reason I'm glad to live and work in the Australian immigration system.

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Fundamental Limitations To Partner Visa Sponsorship Role

When applying for a partner visa, your partner must sponsor you, and they should be Australian citizens. Notably, your partner must fulfil specific requirements to be approved as a sponsor. Failure to meet the stipulations can have serious implications on your partner visa application. In addition, over the years, the Australian government has enacted additional criteria applicable to sponsors, making the partner visa application process foolproof. Thus, you must discuss the requirements with your partner before applying for a partner visa. Some issues could limit one's role as a partner visa sponsor, as highlighted in this article.

Maximum Sponsorship Roles 

One previous loophole is the lack of a limit on how many partners an Australian citizen can sponsor. Thus, one person could sponsor several partners as long as they could prove that their previous relationship no longer exists. However, it is not the case today as the Australian government focuses on curbing illegal entry into the country in the guise of partner visa applications. Currently, a sponsor is only allowed to sponsor a maximum of two partners over their lifetime. Therefore, if your partner had sponsored two partners before, they cannot act as your sponsor. In this regard, please discuss with your partner about previous sponsorship roles they might have played before meeting you.

Previous Sponsorship Role

While one can only sponsor two partners in their lifetime, it does not mean that your partner can sponsor you at any time once their previous relationship ends. For instance, if your partner had sponsored another partner visa applicant in a previous relationship that lasted a few years, they are not eligible to sponsor you immediately. Ideally, they should wait five years to qualify as your partner visa sponsor. Therefore, discussing the issue with your partner and a visa agent is essential since it can save you time and money.

Previous Partner Visa Holder 

Just because your partner was granted a visa a few years ago does not mean that they qualify as your sponsor. Most applicants believe that it is the easiest route to obtain Australian citizenship, but it is not. Notably, previous partner visa holders should wait a couple of years -- established by the immigration department -- to be eligible as a partner sponsor. Usually, the immigration department uses the time to examine your stay in Australia since being granted a partner visa. If the department has reservations about your partner, they deny a sponsorship request.