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Australia really is a lucky country. We don't have wars, famine or civil unrest. The weather is pleasant (most of the time) and there is plenty of space. No wonder so many people want to live here! I help people who have come from less calm places gain residency in Australia so they don't have to put themselves or their families at risk. Sometimes it's tricky to make the cases work, but at least we have defined processes and legal channels we can work through. It's just another reason I'm glad to live and work in the Australian immigration system.

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The Australian Protection Visa: Eligibility And Application

The Australian protection visa provides permanent asylum to people who fear persecution in their home countries due to their gender, religion, sexual orientation or political views. Read this article to learn more about the visa.  Eligibility People that wish to apply for the visa must have legally entered the country. Also, they must meet the country's identity requirements. Typically, the immigration department will conduct some background research to determine the authenticity of your identification documents. Read More